EVA raw material for shoes
What are the materials of your sneakers?
2018-04-09 11:42:31

The function of a pair of sneaker varies depending on the different purposes, but the most important part is the material application of the shoe soles, now we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of our current applied shoe soles, materials.

1.EVA (vinyl acetate)

Vinyl acetate copolymer, polymer materials. EVA soles, medium physical properties, widely used in high-level and low-weight shoes, sports shoes, casual shoes.

Non-toxic, environmental friendly.

Ultra-low weight, wear-resistant. Besides the home or office wear, it can also be easily carried out to a backpack for outside activity and travelling.

Soft feeling and thermal material, fitting in different foot shape after wearing makes more comfortable wearing.

Shock absorption, qualitative light and elastic, protecting food by relieving the foot pressure.

Easy water absorption, corrosion resistant, not environmental friendly, easy to get dirty.

2.COLD PRESS EVA (disposable foaming heat styling):

Light material, soft and quite elastic.

Good thermal property, wear resistance worse than rubber.

Usually used to make the foot bed, the tail would be used as shoe soles together with rubber to enhance the grip force and wear resistance

3.EVA MD (one-time molding foam):

Light material, soft, very elastic and longer endurance

Good thermal property, wear resistance worse than rubber.

Usually used to make the foot bed, the tail would be used as shoe soles together with rubber to enhance the grip force and wear resistance

4.TPR (thermoplastic rubber):

Elastic like rubber, excellent physical properties, moderate shoe soles weight, with certain flexibility.

Cold resistance, electrical insulation, high and low compression deformation.

5.TPU polyurethane (hot plasticity):

Gained popularity due to its superior performance and environmental friendly concept.

TPU can replace PVC in case of using PVC

with the rising environmental awareness, thermal plasticity TPU Polyurethane resin (Themoplastic Polyurethane) meet all the needs both physical rigidity of similar plastic, and similar rubber elasticity and also can meet environmental requirements.

TPU with high tension, high tension.

TPU strong resistance to aging.

TPU is a mature environmental friendly material.

6.PU (polyurethane polymer):

Polyurethane synthetic polymer materials are often used in basketball, tennis shoes, also can be directly used for recreational shoe soles.

hermetically, nonhygroscopic, easy to feel hot.

Superior wear resistance and distorting, good tensile strength and elasticity.

oil, acid, alkali and low temperature resistant, light weight, soft texture.

Soles broken easily by water molecules hydrolysis from the air if PU-made soles weren’t used for a long time.

7.RUBBER (RUBBER outsole):

Good wear resistance, slippery prevention, elastic, not easy fracture, good flexibility, good expandability and contraction stability, good hardness, good bending. Best soles material.

Heavy weight, easy to spit the frost (quality problem), corrosion resistant (environmental problem).

Naturally and synthetically made rubber, natural supply is not enough to use, so now is mainly used by synthetic rubber.

High production costs with rubber soles, some companies often choose using PVC soles, so that the sole is inelastic, also easy to wear.

There are many recycling technology of rubber product materials, the most simple way is grounding it into a powder as a part of the rubber sole filler,

Many brands designated filling quantitative of the shoes with recycled materials to show the contribution to environment.

8.PVC (polyvinyl chloride):

Good plasticity, can be soft or hard.

Flame resistance, high transparency, good insulation and good printability

Different formula has different characteristics, widely used, low price; But is rarely used due to the ecological and environmental problems.

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